Meet Soft Hands

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Trevor Galvin


Did you know Soft Hands is actually home to the only known living Space Wizard? With his magical sexysaxophone, Trevor Galvin bends space and time during Soft Hands shows to send our fans into a state of ecstatic euphoria!

Chase McCumber

Vocals • Guitar

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Emily McCumber


Our Hands would be much, much less Soft if it weren’t for this babe!
Emily McCumber is here to WORK! She’s bringing you energy, style, talent, confidence, and a certain je ne sais quoi that will leave you wondering whether you ever knew what happiness was before!
Come let Emily sing your knickers off at the next Soft Hands show!

Than Medlam

Guitar • Vocals

What do you call a guy who plays guitar like a god, sings like an angel, and literally made with his own two hands the electric guitars exclusively played in Soft Hands?
You call him Than Medlam.

Michael Mosteller


The only sailor in Soft Hands that works hard enough to sit down for our entire performance: Michael Mosteller.
Mike not only holds down the grooves, but also finds the time to cater to each and every technical need the Soft Hands community runs into. Our rhythmic compass, it’s hard to know where we’d be sailing without Mike!


You have neither seen nor experienced true joy until you have seen Jordan Oliver dance, shimmy, groove, and slap his way through a Soft Hands show.
The infectious euphoria of his percussive stylings is a gem that simply must be beheld!

Lacy Saunders


Can you hear that?
Can you feel it?
Is it welling up in your bones?

This sensation you’re feeling can only be the otherworldly call to hear the incomparable Lacy Saunders sing your damn socks off! Lacy is a constant joy and we here in the Soft Hands community are delighted to have her aboard not only holding down bgv’s but taking the lead mic herself from time to time!
Come let Lacy transport you down to paradise the next time Soft Hands takes the stage.

Clinton Trench


What could possibly make a man glow with this much sophisticated confidence?
One simple thing: visceral sub-sonic bass magic mastery.
Clinton Trench keeps the Soft Hands community shakin’, jivin’, and groovin’ with his delicious bass stylings!

Joshua Watley

Trumpet • Vocals

We give you our paragon of sartorial excellence, the king of the three-button bugle, the incomparable Josh Watley!
Josh exemplifies the Soft Hands approach to life. Imitate him. Study him. Become one with the Watley.
Come say ‘Cheers!’ to Josh on stage at the next Soft Hands show!

Greg Zink

Keys • Musical Director

We here in the Soft Hands community live by two simple rules:
1. We work hard so we can play soft.
2. We play soft so we can party hard.
No one better lives up to these rules than our very own musical director and key tickler, El Capitan Greg Zink!

Chase McCumber

Vocals • Guitar

“Im deeply thankful that tonight I’m going to be able to hang out with my friends, have a drink, and sing some songs that I love with my whole heart.
I very much hope you’ll come sing and dance with us at the next Soft Hands show!”