come set sail with

Soft Hands

Playing only the best.

Setting Sail:


Tower Theatre
Oklahoma City, OK


July 27th, 2024

Doors 7:00pm | Showtime 8:00pm


...the whole ensemble/production is genius and everyone on that stage is beyond talented. I can't think of this without thinking about how much talent is on one stage. Y'all are unreal and could be put on any stage and light it up...

Listen people. Soft Hands - Yacht Rock Revue does a legit excellent show. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had 3 hours of full-on, continuous, unadulterated joy. This show was it. A big thanks to Nancy McCumber and her entourage and my friend and comrade Alyx Picard for being my companion for the evening. Thanks Chase McCumber and Emily McCumber and the rest of the band for delivering the happy. We needed it today. People, if you have a chance to go, you shouldn’t miss it.

Fantastic group of musicians

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